SACHIN – Salute to the Human Being

It would be an honest attempt to white lie my way out of the situation, if I say that I missed out on watching Sachin’s farewell match on TV.

Even when I try to picture myself making such a statement, I wonder at my own absurdity. How in the world can one simply, miss it? Who would possibly allow themselves not to see the maestro one last time in his element? The man whose quiver had every cricketing shot perfected to perfection. A player who personifies the word passion.

Every last news channel showed it umpteenth of times, the newspapers were covered with numerous stories which together sketched up the person he is. Many cricket experts congratulated him, discussed him at various lengths and celebrated him. So how can one simply not get caught in Sachin fever?

I purposely did so.

I was unable to dig up the courage to see the sole reason behind me watching cricket, for the last time on the field, in his original role. But the last chance of seeing him on the field led me to see his farewell speech a bit earlier today. And I was awestruck.

We have all seen him as the God of cricket, as the ideal sportsperson, the master blaster who has ingested the textbook of cricket like the bible. But the ceremony revealed a man I never saw before, a man who breathes cricket, who worships the sport like a deity. Cricket is actually his lifeline.

This statement has been stated on several occasions by fellow players and the people who have known him. But the truthfulness of this statement could be realised and felt only by watching him giving his farewell speech. That speech was not given by a player standing at the apex of the sport he dedicated his life to, but by a player whose love and devotion to the sport could be felt by the mere display of his tears while concluding a legacy.

I would neither be lying, nor exaggerating when I say that I have never witnessed a person whose dedication is at par with the person I just saw waving his living dream a final good bye. I could probably give his passion the utmost respect by daring to draw a parallel between the passion which drove his legacy for 24 years, and the passion of the freedom fighters who fought for the independence of India, owing their lives to the sole purpose of the freedom of our country. That feeling, that sense of passion with a hint of madness was something which I or anybody of this generation could probably never gauge. But don’t know why after this event, I am daring to say that maybe it would have been something like this person has for cricket. Instead of the hint of madness, that pushes the barrier of limitations, his passion has a hint of innocence. That is something I can not exemplify because it is unique.

I cannot possibly write anything more, which you do not know or feel about him. I would just conclude by saluting Mr. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

Not the player, the human being.




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