Perspectives doesn’t differentiate you from others, but also from yourself. Your way of seeing things may vary with time. Doesn’t make you right or wrong. You see what you want to see at that time. But it does teach you to second guess your perception, which is not a bad thing at all. But does it make any difference doing so after the time has gone? Doesn’t it make it just another thing in the past you can’t change. I do second guess myself, my perceptions, my opinions. It doesn’t hurt to either make corrections or reinforce your perceptions towards an individual, a group or a situation as such. But its not as simple always. I am not that mature. I get confused. I think its better to be late than be wrong. But isn’t being wrong the fastest way to know that its not the right way. Being late doesn’t assure your being right. Writing in circles and trying to weave a code for yourself also kind of gives you away. But who cares? Do I? No. Do others? No.

The line between being optimistic and dreamy had never seemed so blur. What is optimism? Seeing the glass half full was it? Seeing the positive aspect or embracing the positive outlook of whatever situation may come is the ideal answer. But it feels insufficient today. If this is being an optimistic guy, then what would you call a dreamer who dreams his way out of the reality. Who ignores the reality just because it’s not the reality he desired. Could he be called an optimistic guy too? Does optimism demands any substance behind this positive attitude it sells or aspires us to be dreamy? Am I an optimistic guy or a stupid dreamer? Today I feel lack of this substance in me, in my positive outlook. It feels like I’ve been a dreamer all along who disguised himself as an optimistic in his own dreams to fool himself. Why you ask..?

I have been enveloped by a feeling. Actually, the word “enveloped” won’t justify the depth of it. Let me rephrase it. A feeling has seeped in in me through every single pore. Have I absorbed it or am I absorbed by it, could not be decided. This feeling now resides in me in entirety. But there is this peculiar thing about this feeling. It wants us to share this entirety with another individual.


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