I just went through a blog of a friend of mine which made me recall a theory I made about perceptions.

It was something on the lines of-

“Hypothetically, let us consider that different situations are of different colors. Innumerable situations, infinite colors. Similarly, each perception is like a pair of colored glasses which are available in a range of different colors themselves. Now, there could be one, and only one perfect combination of a situation and a pair of colored glasses, that have exact same color. The perfect match. A perception that makes you look at the situation as it is. Be it green, yellow or blue. That’s the ideal situation that never happens. What actually happens is, people have single pair of colored glasses, which they use to see the entire world around consisting of random colored situations. Now if someone tries to see a ‘green’ situation through ‘red’ colored glasses, he would see the situation as ‘blue’, which it’s not. It’s even not possible to carry different pair of glasses, of different colors, to match and see every situation.

The easiest solution is carrying a normal transparent pair of glasses.

Have a perception which is free of presumptions, stereotypes and any bias. After all, these impurities give your pair the color. Remove them and you always see the original situation as it actually is”.


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