Sometimes I wonder if people write intentionally? I mean, I don’t. It feels like a compulsion. Something wants to be in substance, in existence. No matter what you are doing, if you are free or busy, sleepy or wide awake.. *YAWN*

But there sure is a trigger. This urge is activated somehow. And what is it that comes out on paper, on blog? Time to define what feelings are, I guess.

A friend of mine said I write abstract. 🙂

Feelings are abstract. No logic behind them. Why you feel in a certain way is a question we can just try to attempt, and that too in the hope that we’ll get marks just for a ‘daring attempt’.

Well, what triggered me to write today is a movie. A movie with a story. Actually, the movie has a story and has a back-story too. I won’t bother you with any of the stories. But have you ever felt reliving the experience of seeing any movie which is special to you? We all have our ‘watch it repeatedly till I die’ movies. Some of them are for what they are, some are there for some environmental issues, and some are for both. That ‘both’ category is _________. I might be sounding crazy, but that experience is something you can only feel and can’t justifiably convey. I experienced it yet again today. And its astonishing how it affects.

For a moment, it felt like I saw a glimpse of the clicked picture of the future, the way I want it to be. That one snap taken at the perfect time, which narrates all the stories and memories behind it, which are yet to happen. All pieces of the puzzle sitting together having coffee. If it would have been this easy..

Do have such a movie of your own, try sneaking a peek at that snap of yours.. You’ll know what you want..

*Harry Potter fans.. Tumse na ho payega…


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