I was wondering at the name of the previous blog I originally wrote it in. I was trying to recollect why I named it “Parallel Perspectives”. Its because I’ve always felt that the way people think differ a lot, in many different aspects. But it doesn’t make some right and some wrong. They all are right in their each unique sense. Some people might be weighing the situation differently, some might be taking the environment differently. Different people have different experiences on which their train of thought rides. E.g. some people might take me to be very diplomatic because of the way I deal with people, whereas others might take me to be a guy who sweet talks at face. Some people might relate to me and understand that I just try to see the situation for what it is. So people might have different perceptions about anything.

Parallel Perspectives is the extremity where the different outlooks to the same thing are so opposite, that they are destined to be separate forever. Which means, there is no similarity, no common points in between how two different people perceive a situation. So that blog was named as taking in account the notion, that my thoughts regarding any topic could be befitting the idea of ‘Parallel Perspectives’ if compared to the views of the reader.

I come across many different posts and shared picture on many social networking sites, Facebook prominently. One could find immense content to go through, if they are curious to know how different people could be just based on the way they think. I was, and what I found was not surprising, but disturbing.

Mr. X was seen with a bottle in his hands. – FACT
Mr, X was seen with a bottle in his hands which he seems to be in need of. – NORMAL PERCEPTION (could be valid or invalid)
Mr. X was seen with a liquor bottle in his hands and he was drunk. – GENERAL PERCEPTION (illogical, as seen on Facebook posts)

I usually use words ‘normal’ and ‘general’ quite often and in same context. In the above statements, however, normal and general are parallel perspectives.

I read it too much, and finally came to conclusion that this is happening due to the presence of an open platform, where everyone could share their opinion, but people forget that every opinion is not worth sharing.

I would like to use my favorite quote here, “WITH GREAT POWER, COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY!”


If people like us are given opportunity to voice our thoughts in any way whatsoever, shouldn’t it be our duty to filter our thoughts first? There is no hurry to form an opinion or even to have an opinion. Its even better to have no opinion rather having one without any proper thoughts or content behind it. And if one has, shouldn’t he/she should be open to construct it along the way rather than taking stand on it and justifying it as if you have bet your life on it?

After all, Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.


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