Humans are gullible creatures.

Selfish. Self centered.

It sounds pretty crude and harsh, but it is the truth. And once you sit and think about it, you will realize that we all have known it all along. Acts of selflessness are what surprise us, elate us, bring a smile to our face, just like a fairy tale with a happy ending does. Because we know these are not well thought plans properly executed, but some accidents, they occurred. They don’t have anything to do with practical life. Mere anomalies. And it is nothing to be depressed about either. Because you and me are not selfish because we want to. It is the way how we are meant to be. Sometimes it is situational, sometimes we don’t see the entire picture. The list of things which can be held accountable for this selfishness etched in our genes are, well, innumerable. After all, we have the tendency to build up a logic for our conveniences too.

This guy realizes it all on every 16th of November. Goes through this self-realization each year. And the cycle still continues. Though nothing special happened on this date. Typical childhood crush story. Everyone has them. He had it too.


Class 3. First period.

Class teacher is taking the attendance.

He is sitting on the first bench itself.

Studious, Class prefect, Snob.

Repeating the names loudly after the teacher is unheard in the morning murmur. He remembers them by heart. And suddenly he finds himself shouting a name he has not heard or shouted before.


His head tilts towards the voice which responded.

There stood a cute girl with short curly hair, dimples on her cheeks and brown eyes with a sweet voice.

Nobody noticed when his heart skipped a beat.

When he did not repeat the rest of the names.

When he had his first crush.


Class 5. Recess break.

He is talking to her. They are ‘good friends’ now.

He asks her if she likes any guy. He is trying being sly. She is simple, but she gets him.

She said she likes him.

He is dumbstruck.

She smiled.

He smiled.

She left the school that year.


Class 11.

He tracked her down after all those years. Conveyed his feelings via letter.

Old School.

She asked him to meet. He is anxious. It has been 6 years.

He saw her.

She saw him.

The 6 years were forgotten. But it was the date he won’t ever forget.

November, 16.


Feels dreamy? Even he felt so. Realities could be. But then they have a cruel way to make it a zero sum game.

This was where the crush ended. Now it was something substantial. Something that could bloom. Something that could rot.

He pushed his luck too far. Drove her away in pursuit of something else. Thought he would get her back, as last time. He became selfish.

Funny thing, he forgot that she could be selfish too.

You are robbed as much as you are gifted, it is what you are able to fight and save what you are worth of. He could not save anything. He had no choice but to let her go.

But he did gain something.

Now he knows that humans are gullible creatures.

Selfish. Self Centered.


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