She is beautiful. Always has been.

The shoulder length brown hair with a streak of red are just first mark of distinction. The milky white complexion inherited as a gift reminds me of a porcelain doll. So fair, that if you are lucky enough to be up close, you’ll clearly notice where the red comes from on her cheeks. Her blushing explains what writers and poets want us to visualise when they say “rosy cheeks”.

She blushes, and then she smiles a perfect smile. Pink lips slightly curved and you are stuck. You won’t be able to shift your gaze from that smile so easily, but trying to do so, don’t end up looking in her eyes.

You will fall for her..

Those eyes hold everything she has. The feelings deep buried in her heart which she hides with the feminine efficiency, surface in her hazy brown eyes. They reveal her.

They reveal the pain which has scarred her heart millions of times. The pain which this beauty has cost her. The pain of being judged for being a girl.

She does not demand anything from anyone. She gives all she has to people she loves.
You would want to heal her, take her pain away, hold her in your arms so that nothing could harm her anymore. You want to do it all for her. She deserves happiness.

Now she has her own sky. Finally she is free to live a life on her own. She has learned that the key to live a happy life is to live in the present.

I am happy for her. She is a woman now.


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