It’s just been 6 months and its happening again.

Just six months ago I paid adieu to all my friends and family, and started living in a hostel. I knew from that day onwards, that all the wishful promises made earlier, would be turning into lies. Like promising old friends that due fun trip to Goa. I don’t know if it would actually materialize. I don’t even know if I would be able to be there with them on the worst day of their lives, to stand by their side, granting support to bear it through. Their marriage, of course.

We never do it on purpose. We would want so bad to keep each bit of it, the promises. But being practical, chances are pretty rare. The worse part is, realizing that it is a cycle.

I have been lucky. Wherever I go, I find people worth making bonds with. I found them here. Now they are leaving. And seriously speaking, it’s pissing a hell off of me. I know it would just be a matter of days to be habitual of it, but it doesn’t lessen or ease off what I am feeling now. This feeling has its moment. It is the truth. It exists. Just because I know it will fade away doesn’t make it less honest. Be it the first roomie I ever had, who is so understanding, caring and child-like at the same time and limitless fun, with or without Punjabi songs. Be it the first friend I made here, who is adamant and loud like me at times and we just agree to disagree, which is satisfying in its own amazing ways.

Be it the most outrageous friend I have, who never lets the child in me left hanging, not even on the football field or on a canvas. Be it the literature friend I have whose theories are wild with sincerity and whose discussions are worth lending an ear too. Or be it the friend whom I can try relating to, in maturity, playlists, CS, writing or how we deal with our stuff.

It sucks when you meet people like them, create a special bond and then are asked to get on without them. It’s not impossible, but it sucks, big time.

This is where you realize the damn cycle I mentioned before.

Anyways now I am feeling better. I think I’ve sulked enough. I think I’ve regained my composure. I think I will do fine even without you all. After all, it’s just for 6 months. At least for now. Enjoy.


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