What do you want out of life? Money? Fame? How about satisfaction? The satisfaction of knowing that you gave it your best shot. It was the best you could do. Whatever came before you, you tackled it head on no matter what the result was. Or try Winning. That you were not able to win all the battles in your life, but the one which actually mattered. The peace at your heart when you win, conquer is something that could never be replaced by any other feeling. Once tasted, it gives you the yearning to go that extra mile just for the sake of it. It is like a push which gives you an adrenaline rush like nothing else could give.

Never thought about it? Or actually you did but it had always been that pumping you feel when you set for something. It’s easy to be focused at the beginning of the journey. It’s a taxing job to keep your spirits up during the course of this path, let alone to push down all of your enthusiasm into the work you took on. So? Should I empathize with you? We all are in the same boat one way or the other. Most of us don’t have it easy. Actually nobody has it easy. Everybody is fighting on, clinging on for one thing or the other. We have our own battles. We meet each other at cross ways, sometimes find each other on the same side, sometimes not.

So should we just give up in the middle of the journey, deep in nowhere? I agree its terrorizing finding yourself at a place of which you don’t have a clue of, thinking what’s next, how did you get here, how to get out of here, this was not where you wanted to be. But just taking a rain check in between doesn’t mean your destination has come. You did not know how the path is going to be anyways. You did chalk out a plan but it’s as good as imagining how a destination is going to be just by listening to its name. Now you are on it. So why giving up just because the path is not how you supposed it would be? Just because the effort is a bit more, does it makes unworthy of it?

You are afraid. Each one of us does. We get afraid of the situation. Of expectations, of people around us. Of ourselves. We all question our abilities. Do we have it in ourselves to get what we want? Was it feasible, the target we set? What we seek out of life, is it achievable? We all question our worth. But when does questioning became the seal of disapproval? Is your faith so shallow that just a bit of questioning would shatter it? It’s funny how the brittleness of one’s confidence depends on who is attacking it. If any person in this world tells you ‘You can’t do it’, it would simple fuel your desire, until and unless that person is yourself. You all could be the worst person for your own sakes.

Just do yourselves a favor. Give yourselves a bit of breathing space, some room for committing mistakes. Fill in your quota and don’t be afraid of doing so. Show yourself some leniency. Cut some slack. So that it does not matter anymore if you even find yourself in an uncharted territory. You always know where your destination is. What you actually want. What you were targeting all along. Keep your eye on it. You will pave your own way out. That rush will charge you to do so. Maintain it all along, not only at the starting point. It’s another chance for you. Let’s get it right this time. I’ll not say let’s do it together, because I’ll leave you all behind if you don’t maintain your pace. After all I don’t know which side you are on.


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