Amidst all the chaos,
when the hell breaks loose,

when everything goes haywire,
no right options to choose.

The decisions all falter,
you deem yourself low.

Like a tired old man.

Bowing down,
have no strength,
but wishes to see the last rainbow.

When a dream is narrated,
but it’s not yours, of someone else.

When you wish to lie
and close your eyes,
but their dream is your nightmare.

You cringe,
you wince,
moist eyes.

Don’t ask for help.

There’s always a silver lining.

A small ray of hope.

Your platter could be full
of misfortunes.

It’s the ray you need to thrive,
all you need to cope.

Mine was at the phone.

We chat
and it turned all right.

Sometimes, it’s not about you at all.

I have a kid brother,
to hold the candle for me,
in the darkest of night.



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