Life has been busy, but not me. Maybe sucked in by it’s pace for a bit.

I have not been an avid reader, I must admit, but with the online awareness campaigns people support and give their valuable inputs to these days, some readings are hard to avoid. I have discussed this earlier too, that everyone wants to speak, wants to exercise their freedom of expression, without giving any attention to it’s repercussions or judging if their expressions are even worth expressing. Be it about the AIB roast or the BBC documentary over Nirbhaya rape culprits.

Recently, I came across a pretty detailed debate over extremist feminism and modest feminine behavior. An interesting one at that. I wasn’t surprised to find that both ends were literally opposite ends of the stick. No common ground. How would a debate solve any problem is out of my understanding, because discussion is what leads to a proper solution, not a debate.

Maybe that’s what we all are lacking. Nobody wants to listen, wants to discuss, because they know what they think is right. And from where do they know things? Internet of course. And if not internet, then all hail to the media today. Both internet and media is filled with content for which nobody is responsible. To all the bloggers, open letter writers, analysts, critics, I request you to refrain from writing anything which you can’t take responsibility of.

Internet is being flooded with these personalized views which tend to declare that these are subjected to portray viewpoint of an individual. But how anything online could be personalized? It’s an idea. A thought. And thoughts spread viral, get modified at even more terrifying rate and before you know it, what was your own original thought a few seconds ago is now in hundred and thousand of brains, resulting in as many versions of it. You acted as an instigator. I wish people were using their own sense of reasoning from the scratch, but believe it or not, nod your heads in disagreement all you want, it is all suggested or referenced. Something you read somewhere, saw somewhere which you think as, “Yeah, this is the right thing! Obviously this is how it is.” And then you build up your thoughts from a ready-made plinth.

So a humble request to all the people who take a very important and huge chunk of time out of their lives to write and explain things at so much lengths and details, I don’t want to know if you think Aamir Khan is having double standards on AIB roast. Or if according to you BBC documentary ban is valid or not. It’s your opinion and you should be proud of it but not boast it. Not because it’s not boast-worthy, it might be. But because you start a debate which results in a huge swarm of flies, which just spoil your possibly amazing point of view.


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