They say it’s love all around, all you need are the eyes which could see it. Well, all I have been able to see is nothing but adjustments, priorities, comfort and practical practices. I am not talking about all kinds of love, but a specific variant of it which the cupid strikes us with, and I am astonished at the sight. Love was supposed to be an emotion which transcends these hurdles viewing them as some puny wannabe barriers. At-least that is what it has always been defined as, depicted as. That is how we are made to see it as. The way I see it.

Or maybe not.

Our world is changing, always has been, but at a much dramatic pace. Earlier the hurdles between the happy ending of lovers included family feud, religion-caste barriers etc. But now the hurdles have evolved. They are not the external factors any more. Lovers deny themselves the happy endings. Sounds weird and but is true in a sense. The reasons of the ending, be it good or bad, practical or obtuse, are being caused by the lovers themselves. Jealousy, competitiveness, possessiveness, boredom, lack of faith are some of the hurdles which two people in love could not overcome together these days. I guess it was better before, when people fought against all odds to get what they love and hence understood it’s true value and cherished it. Now the resistance is far less than before and therefore maybe people have started taking it as granted, or now have started being choosy with it.

I could give countless examples, girl breaking up because guy was too much possessive, guy breaking up because girl didn’t give him his space. So it has now turned out to be a rigorous process of testing the compatibility with people. A person, be it a guy or a girl, keeps on being in and out of a “relationship” till they find someone whom they are in maximum sync with. And then also they might not end up spending their rest of the life together. Pretty convenient I must say. But it feels wrong to me because there is still a section of people like me, who feel love was not supposed to be convenient. Who feel it was bound to be difficult, maddening, blind and eternal. We are doomed!

Love is like a word whose definition has been upgraded by one word, “Practical” and that mere change has re-hauled it entirely. I don’t say it’s bad, but no good to us. Love was said to have that flare which could light up one’s heart and life. Now it has been traded off for calculative comparative decisions and future planning accordingly.

I can blabber all night about it. But maybe it is not needed. Maybe we are a species nearing it’s extinction. Maybe we’ll cease to exist in a few years as the group which labelled old love, true love, and as individuals, after finally surrendering to this change and accepting the new norms of new love.


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