As I sit here, looking at the sleeping face of the latest entrant in our family; my brand new cousin, lots of images flash through my mind. These images are not some glimpses of the past, but a peek into what future could possibly hold. That’s the power a newborn holds. They make you aware that although we live in the present, there is a future out there, unknown, full of infinite possibilities. I’ll be witnessing growing up of another individual who will go through a unique life of her own. With her own happiness, her own sorrows, ambitions, moments of joy, and what not. It makes me feel so tiny in this large, on a universal level, scheme.

We all try so hard to control things which are never actually in our control. We don’t even have a say in deciding our name, talk about people being control freak. We are always amazingly naive and innocent. We make ourselves aware of our own surroundings, but only to a level our evolved brain could possibly infer. Our consciousness on the other hand remains dormant. Asleep, like this infant in front of me. Completely unaware of the bigger, the actual picture. And as they say, ignorance is bliss.

Maybe it’s all for good.

Maybe opening up a gateway to the whole picture could baffle the level of understanding we possess. If this little girl wakes up now, she won’t be able to process what’s happening around her, won’t be able to express herself, and result in crying. So isn’t it good enough to keep your eyes closed and continue sleeping? Or would it be better to open your eyes and look around, though crying, to slowly start the journey in a new, uncharted territory.

And lo, she is awake and smiling..


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