Let’s talk about some perspective.

Firstly, a guy sleeping on a footpath, is not doing so by choice. Footpath, dividers, zebra crossings are there to increase the safety and convenience for both the pedestrians and the vehicles. It doesn’t mean a vehicle is free to be driven anywhere but on the road itself.

Drunk driving is illegal.

Though Salman Khan endorses Thumbs Up by saying “Aaj kuch toofani karte hain”, it doesn’t mean he rampaged the poor people sleeping on the footpath just because he felt like doing toofani. It was an accident. Just because he is an actor and loved by millions, doesn’t make him something better than a human. It was a mistake, a pretty heavy one at that with consequences and many lives destroyed. I don’t know much about law, so I won’t comment on the severity of the sentence. But he did deserve it.

So do other people who do the same.

Just because he is a high profile person, the attention given to this case is outrageous. A person usually opens news channel to see news, rather than knowing about the daily diary details of a person in a repetitive manner 24*7. I am not interested in knowing 1000 times how much this sentence is going to cost to the film producers because its not going from my pocket. He did something wrong, be it by mistake or under the influence of a substance, like 12 years ago. Our Indian Judiciary finally held him responsible for that.

Some people found it very interesting. As if they didn’t expect it. The examples of sentencing Sanjay Dutt, Shiny Ahuja and banning of Shahrukh Khan are some instances which should by now had somewhat instilled this belief in common people, that these peolpe are not above law and law knows it. But no. They are happy with the fact that he got jail. As if they had this personal grudge.

Some feel that it’s of no use at all as he will get bail. As if had they been in his place and had shitload money like he has, they wouldn’t have asked for bail at all or had not lined up an army of advocates for their defence. It’s as if people do like to see a downfall, as it makes them feel good that the other person is no better than themselves.

People might be feeling happy as they are taking this decision to be the reinforcement of the ideal belief that everyone is equal in the eyes of law.

But is it so?

Popular and Powerful are two entirely different words. Actors are popular for sure. But powerful??

I still doubt if this entire situation would have been the same, had it been a minister’s son instead of Salman Khan. So what is there to be happy about? What is there to celebrate?

I do agree that justice is considered to be a rarity and could be celebrated. But does that mean celebrating the punishment?
Feeling happy for a suffered and traumatized person finally getting justice is humane. But can the same be said for feeling happy about a criminal conviction? We are not talking about Azmal Kasab here, where the hatred was understandable. It’s about an actor most of you have loved or have laughed with on screen somewhere along in your life.

His sentence is correct. He is reaping what he had sown, when we talk about the 5 year imprisonment. But your hatred, that is just an added bonus. I sincerely feel that forgetting the goods deeds of a person or labelling them as a PR activity is a bit on the stretch. If one is unsure if his generous nature and kind heartedness is genuine, how can one be sure that it’s not?

And therefore I still somewhere feel that though the decision is right of him being sentenced, he caught the wrong end of this “popular” stick. Because of him being popular, out of all the cases, his case shone out in a light, like an odd one out and had to reach the end, which by the way many cases don’t. So he did pay the due price of being the popular guy.

It’s just as said once- Hate the crime but not the criminal.

And dear Mr. Abhijeet Bhattacharya,

From today, I will sincerely pray, to bless a person together with talent and a sound mind. Because when a talented person is found out to be lacking a sound mind, the utter disappointment overshadows talent.

*These views are personal and are subjected to change if a logical and valid point comes across later. It might be possible that later these views transform into something different from what they are now. I am more than welcome to listen to different views. So do keep in mind, these are just the thoughts of an individual, like the thoughts billions of individuals have.


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