Attraction cannot be tied.. and it is nothing but the initial stage of love. There is always a possibility of it blooming to the next stage, or withering down to a shriveled carcass. Sometimes it is forced into a Bonsai. I think I read Late Dev Anand, not the exact words, but the gist was on the same line. That love can happen anytime. No matter when, no matter who, and no matter how long. Some people would never forget that one stranger they met and talked to, at the bus stop for a few seconds. It is love. Some people live their entire lives with a person. That’s love too. It is us who define and restrict it. Who taboo it and mask it as acceptable and anti-social. I’ve seen many people around me. Afraid of love, drowned in love, found in love, lost in love, lost love.

How does a person decide which love to embrace and which love to let pass by? Which love to live with till eternity and which love to remember till eternity. It’s too simple. You can’t. It’s always about that leap of faith. Are you willing to jump? Because you will definitely get injured. You never come out unscathed. But will it be worth it?

An artist always requires a muse. It’s his source of inspiration. Something to keep him ticking. More powerful the muse is, the wilder the creativity turns out to be. Sometimes you just need to accept what life offers you. Cause it doesn’t necessarily give you lemons. Sometimes it offers mango. I’ve decided to grab it. What about you?


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