A DATE – Part 1


Soft bed, warmth of a quilt and a rosy winter morning is a combination which has taken out many giants. Sleep had bowed and went back quite long ago, just lingering lethargy remains in the bed with Aalekh.

What would a man do in such a condition, hanging midway between consciousness and coziness? Any ideal one would just stick out a leg from the quilt, out of sheer curiosity, to support his motion of choosing coziness over consciousness. It was strange though! There was no difference; it felt as if the heater was on already. So comfortable.. so thoughtful.. so caring..??

That’s when it flickered in his brain that probably he wasn’t alone this morning. Suddenly, his ears caught some clattering noises, faint but clear, just outside the room, and surge of alertness jolted his brains. He smiled coyly to himself and decided to pretend to be still asleep, burying his face inside the quilt, along with the entire body. It looked like a roughly made bed with just a messy quilt lying on it.

The cluttering noises rang alarmingly with an increasing volume. Before he could think of a reaction to it, the sudden exposure to the sunlight due to removal of the quilt startled him, and a voice broke out, “Rise and Shine!”

Aah! It was music to his ears! Aalekh grinned and turned towards the voice.

Damn sunlight! Too bright! He squinted his eyes and heard a giggle. “Seems like the decision to bring breakfast over to bed was a good one after-all.”

After one too many blinks, the eyes adjusted and the breakfast broke his line of sight.

“Waf af fu fuin ferfo fuly?” uttered Aalekh, with mouthful of eggs, which was immediately hushed down. “Swallow before you speak atleast!” the voice complained while sounding distant. “What are you doing here so early?” he asked, this time being clearer while chugging milk down. The voice answered from the next room in a complaining tone, “You forgot we have a date?”

O yeah! It’s the date! “Do you seriously think I would forget our date?” he cursed his memory as he tried to mock it up and sweep it under the rug, while rolling up in the quilt again.

“Yeah I do. And that’s why I came here so early.” The voice was now whispering in his ear.

He rolled to face the voice and saw Sia cuddling up next to him. “Just 2 more minutes please!” Aalekh requested her, resting his chin on her head.

“Take 10..” and Sia entered the quilt.



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