Dear IB Shining,

This is surely funny. I didn’t know that I would ever be accepting this but, this has been a phenomenal ride. The class which started as a bunch of misfits. A crowd of strangers with their singular dreams. Turning into a family with the interwoven dreams of togetherness and mutual prosperity. I didn’t even realize when we got to this point. When the song “Pal” played, it just struck my mind. It’s over. The fights over who would do the assignments in the group. Who would make the presentation. Who would face the faculty for asking extension. Be it the mobile help during the mid terms, or the roulette of luck during the OLTs. It all has come to a halt. Which won’t be rolled ever again. We will assemble one last time, in full strength, to appear for the last exam of our BIMTECH life.

And it sucks.

The moment we came close enough, where we started accepting each other with open hearts with their faults and flaws as it is, the separation happened. I don’t know whether to call it a misfortune or just mark it as the true nature of life. But the reality is staring right at our faces.

I’ll be honest. I don’t see many people eye to eye, as far as their viewpoint is concerned. And same is true for me too. Many people would never agree to the way I see the world. But when has that stopped us from coming together and forming a bond forged in steel? And this bond is not limited to the students like ourselves. The IB department, including our coordinators, have proved to provide us a home away from home. We may curse them, get frustrated with them at many instances, but this truth cannot be ignored nor defied.

We all had our moments of togetherness. Be it our clusters, our roommates, our groupmates, or the class as whole. Be it the moment when Puru fought against the senior during the Badminton finals, or when IB cricket team battled against all departments to reinforce their supremacy. When we shouted out name, echoing it to the depth of the ears of each individual around, marking our presence during every single function, or setting example as how a united entity functions.

To everyone associated with the IB family of batch 2014-16, I would just like to tell you from the bottom of my heart, how obliged, happy and lucky I have been to spend these two years being with you, learning, evolving and living life. I will remember you all as you have touched my life in such a way that it’s hard to forget. I hope I was able to leave my impression in your’s too.

Praying for the success and accomplishments of each individual belonging to batch 2014-16 of IB.

Signing off,
Abhinav Singh Rawat


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