Alice went down the rabbit hole. And everything changed. The world she thought she was from, was a mirage. The world how it actually existed, was strange. I don’t know if I could have summed up the transition from childhood to adult world in a better way. The inner child we all carry, what happens to it? We don’t hide it in the locker or banish it forever. We don’t kill it or bury it alive. We do worse. We expose it to this world. We make it see things which can’t be unseen. The truth which didn’t exist in their world.


I wondered why we use the word – child, in a rather negative connotation. As in the word – childish. The dictionary meaning of the word is – childlike, appropriate to child. But the used meaning refers to the other face of this word, which is – immature, silly. Have we described child as silly and immature just because they don’t adhere to the practicality of adult world? I thought innocence would define childlike better. But the truth, is that innocence itself is being identified by words like silly and immature, making child, an apt model for it.

I know this sounds a bit strange as why this sudden ranting over inner child, or lost childhood. Everybody has suffered the same loss at some point in their lives.

Pardon. Most of..

The reason would be, that this practicality required to sustain in this adult world comes at a heavy prize, at the sacrifice of your inner child. More limbs you tear off of it, more practicality you gain. And this could only be called an irony, that the most practical people are those who refused to shred their inner child into pieces. Rather decided to give it a quick death, as painless as possible.

Mind you. It is not the negativity towards adult world, which is empowering these words. But the burning question behind this forced trade-off, which has now turned out to be the toll at the gateway to adult world. This forced loss of innocence.

Maybe a food for thought?



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