UNRAVEL: Tokyo Ghoul

I am still amused as I write this piece. Even though, many a times, a song is what sets the mood, or pushes the conscience over the emotional brink. But I never thought I would write something purely about a song itself.

Is it that powerful?

I can’t decide for anybody else. But it sure touched me in a surreal way.

The backdrop of the song is pretty devastating. This has been an opening song to the anime I was watching – Tokyo Ghoul (Season 2). The story of this anime goes on the lines of the existence of the Ghouls and Humans in the same world, where both look almost similar (different eyes and a special internal body organ for ghouls), yet one feeds on another. How the protagonist, who was a normal human, turns out to be the hybrid between ghoul and human, due to an organ transplant from other species. How a human being turns out to be the one eating humans. How the ghouls are doing nothing wrong by living the way nature has made them to be. How this protagonist is the link between these two different worlds existing on the same. This heavy burden and identity crisis strays the protagonist several times, always looming on the edge of the extremes.

And there enters this song, which perfectly voices the protagonist in the way he never could. The song is rock metal in genre. The lyrics are in Japanese. I never understood a single word of it. But the sound of it always felt, true. Maybe it’s the way music works.

I believe many won’t go through this anime in this lifetime. Still, *SPOILER ALERT*

The ending scene of this season, was backed by the piano version of the song. It showed the protagonist carrying a body covered entirely, walking through the snow in the battlefield which just witnessed an attack on ghouls by humans. He was there to protect those ghouls. The body belongs to his childhood friend, human, who knew his identity and still chose to believe in him. Even after now being his best friend’s food.

Casualty of the war.

Throughout this entire song, he walks through the battlefield, while changing his appearance between human and ghoul, trying to represent the inner turmoil. Captured by the song in absolute awe.

It compelled me to search the lyrics in English. I was amazed to see the number of covers this song had and the views it boasts. They did an English version too.

So, I am sharing both the videos of original and the English cover as well. Because that’s the thing about songs, you never know what they could trigger in you without listening to them.





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