Don’t make noise..
Switch off the fan!
and that whirring AC..
Can you please hold your breath
as I have held mine..?
the heart thumps too loud..
I am trying to hear silence.

Do you know how it sounds like?
Oh, I have heard it once.
Our eyes met,
and the silence just happened..

Does it mean its elusive?
Just a state of mind?
Or its not the absence of sound?
But the presence of the power
forcing to shift your focus off your ears..
To turn off the rest of the lights..

Maybe, it’s like the phenomenon
known as peace.
Did you witness its existence?
No? But we have been crying it out loud
pretty please..

What if?
Peace may not be the absence
of conflicts, riots, war,
or of not being on the same page.
It’s just as the picture
painted by that artist-
A bird peacefully feeding the young ones
in the nest,
on the tree..
while the whole world around is captured,
in the eye of a storm, amidst clashes..

Both of them are rascals!
No criteria to fulfill..
It’s a journey, a search within..
A question, answer to which
hides in plain sight..

Or I may be a fool!
How can the world be wrong?

So turn down the volume..
of your clattering in the kitchen..
check the leaking taps..
Ask the neighbors to keep it a bit low..
Whereas I’ll close my eyes
to focus on the silence
which will bring me inner peace
After all,
that’s what it is supposed to do, so..



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