I have often wondered where we are going, as humans. We had our ancestors from the missing link which resulted as a split between us and our distant cousins, apes and monkeys. But what is the next step of the evolution for us? Humans are known to be social animals. In the future would this still stand to be true? To understand about this textbook human, we need to move out of metro cities. To a city, where human history had flourished and the traces of the human civilization could be found easily.

The city I’ve been recently to, Agra, is pretty ancient. There is something about these cities, these old, congested, haphazard structures of wood and bricks woven by narrow lanes, shabby markets. It brings forth a certain charm and sends calmness through eyes to the brain, finally reaching and soothing the heart. Suddenly, I started feeling as if I am home. Yes, looks can be deceiving. Though the heart can resist the playful visuals, what reinforces this homely belief is, strangely, the people of this city.

Strangely, not because this is something unexpected, that genuine human beings who live as a community cease to exist. Just because we don’t get to see it pretty often. Specially in the kind of cities I am living in, metro cities. Again, not because the people living in metros don’t have the humane touch any more. They just don’t have the time, to be in touch with it. Its funny and ironic at the same time, that the cities which pull people in, breathe aspirations into them, seem to seep away the humane tendencies of humans itself.

Many might argue that I am wrong. And I might be, if we see it from their perspective. The humans of metros have set a humanity standard for themselves according to which they measure their own humanity. It’s like the coffee you store in your fridge. You use it in tiny quantities, and use that standardized quantity to measure the number of servings you could squeeze out of that tiny bottle.

But don’t you think that humanity was supposed to be like a seed? To plant it, water it, nurture it and get more seeds, thus the cycle continues. The usage should lead to its increase, instead of being used miserly as something on the verge of extinction. The evolution of humans have been going in a different way. We have been evolved from animals. Using a broader term because it’s not the physical aspect I am trying to focus on. Therefore, from the existence of raw instincts and emotions, to a refined being with logical and intricate emotions and thought processes. The next step of evolution however seems to have taken a direction which involves the lack of emotions, more of rational logic, which are guided by circumstantial environments.

To use simpler words, animals > humans > robots.

And the more interesting part is that the society today could also be divided into these three categories, just on the basis of their societal quotient. Maybe that is the reason of the social unrest and an increase in level of dis-accord, because on a fundamental level, we have started to be different from each other. Just due to different level of compassion levels towards others.

Now when I read it out loud, it is more funny than interesting. Because this variation of level depends upon the geographical location of a person. The humans are merely adopting in accordance to their environment. It’s the geography that has been evolving. With the majority of young aged population moving to the metro cities and their expanding boundaries, the quantity of robots over humans is going to increase. Not only that will boost the number of robots, but the expansion of metro cities in to neighboring suburban areas would lead to a slow conversion of the geographies into metropolitan culture, and the evolution of the society in the entirety.

Maybe, the Agra I know today, won’t exist tomorrow. Or similar cities as such. The structures would be there as a reminder of the timeline to which it belonged, but nothing to remind the kind of humans that once existed. Some scientist will just come up with a hypothetical theory, regarding where these new breed of robots evolved from.

But then U.S is going to have a new president soon enough. That result debunks this entire robot evolution thought and lets me sleep peacefully at night.


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