“Wind is pretty strong here. Don’t you think so?” she said while facing the sun, eyes closed. “I just love the sunrise.”

“You need to see it with your eyes open. Is that why you called me here? To see the sunrise? This early?” he grumbled, while squinting his eyes towards the sun with a disapproving look on his face.

“Aww..! Sorry! Should have asked sun to rise a little late. Around 10 o’ clock would have been fine?” She looked back at him and let a smile slip by seeing his squinting mourning face. “Could you ever be less gloomy? Mornings fill people up with energy and positiveness, and then there’s you.” He could always make her smile, even without trying.

“I called you, because I needed to tell you something urgent.” Her expression turned somber, as she shifted her gaze from him rubbing his eyes to the amber sun.

His hands stopped midway. After a moment, his eyes stuck to the slowly rising sun, while completely avoiding her’s. “What is so important that I had to sacrifice my sleep for it?” He knew what it was. He got the news yesterday and since then his stomach had been churning.

“The date is set. 4 March.” Her voice sounded clear, but distant.
“That’s cool! So it’s finally happening.” He didn’t seem to blink.

“Won’t you congratulate me?” She closed her eyes again to feel the wind rushing by her face. “I won. I got there first.”
“So what? I knew you would win. I wasn’t even competing.” He smirked and closed his eyes too. The wind stopped. “Let’s go back. The sun has risen, and there is no wind.” He stood up and started walking.

“Will you meet him?” She didn’t move from her place a bit.
His steps halted. “Nah.. I have no interest in guys. Do tell me if he has a sister, or cousins!”
“That you can see for yourself at the wedding.”
She looked at his back, still waiting for him to make eye contact.

“You said 4 March, right? Aah.. The project I told you about, I think I would be in New Zealand around that time regarding that. So don’t forget getting their pictures clicked, and save a copy for me!” He spoke hurriedly, looking above at the sky with bluish hue. He seemed to be trying to find something, but got nothing. He knew it was going to happen. He had made peace with it.

“Your project doesn’t start before may.” She said while still waiting. “You can make it..”
He turned back and looked straight in her eyes. “I won’t.”
She couldn’t say a word.

“But I know it would be awesome! So do hire a professional to get the video done!” He laughed shortly before continuing back to his bike. She quietly stood up and started to move after him.

When they reached near the bike, he stopped again, turned around and said, “Hey listen!”
“Ya..” She said while continuing walking without looking up.
“Thank you.” He smiled while sitting on the bike.
She was surprised and looked up at him smiling. “What for?”
He grinned. “I’ll be out of the Friend-zone, anyhow.”

Her face was in a fix, as her lips were smiling but her eyes weren’t. She tried to see his, but he immediately covered it with the helmet. She sat behind him, as they drove off towards the rising sun.

A new morning.




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