The quintessential for a rebirth, would definitely be death. The beginning of a new chapter urges the completion of the last one. There needs to be an end, for a new beginning to occur. You get the gist of it; this is a customary, end of the year rant, which will progress towards why the passing year needs to be paid farewell, no matter how it treated you. Or why you should welcome the arriving year with open arms. So I’ll wrap up the formalities by simply stating that only the fools cry over spilled milk, which in hindsight would be this year. And the coming year has not harmed you yet, so why blame it for something it has yet to do? Let it spoil everything for you after the new season of Game of Thrones ends, and you end up waiting aimlessly, yet again for another season, till another year. Cringe about it at that year’s end, not now!

This year, personally, has been full of surprises, for lack of better words. Surprises, because I don’t know how they’ll fare. It would be premature to comment on their nature just yet. But their magnitude is definitely equivalent to the tectonic shifts. Do you realize how the historical timeline is based on the occurrence of singular event, birth of Jesus Christ; A.D.(Anno Domini) and B.C.(Before Christ). The events which took place in this year are of the magnitude which have the capability to mark this year as year zero for me.

To address the journey covered till now, the path which came to an end, the destination which ended up solidifying the fact that it was all just a wild goose chase, a fairy tale, I don’t have much words. This departure is one of the hardest things I’ve ever been made to do. An era ended. Some dreams were just wiped off the slate and disintegrated into the dark black hole, called reality. I know as someone who is writing, I need to make the reader aware of the intent and reference, but this story is for another time.

A little private address to the people who know they are being addressed; you individuals mean the world to me, and I just wish you immense happiness in your lives and journeys ahead, from the bottom of my heart. Just let me be a bit selfish for a while. Let me mourn, get angry, feel shattered for a few moments more, because our journey at least deserves my unhinged and unapologetically true feelings. I don’t want to know what you are going through, because at the moment I can’t help you. Neither can you help me. Let’s deal with our own demons so that we can smile tomorrow. We won’t be able to walk on the same road or have the same destination, but let’s meet up at the junctions once in a while. You guys are an inseparable part of me, and I’ll carry us wherever I go. Just give me time so that I can preserve a speck of us from reality, at least in my own space.

So as I said, an era ended. But that’s not all that happened. First job happened. First boss, first sale, first salary. Small things which fill up your heart, they all happened. Something else also happened. An era began. Love happened. And that too in the most unrealistic way possible, which makes it way more realistic to my crooked sense of reality. Happiness happened.

To address the journey yet to cover, another wild goose chase has begun, but the eyes are not at the goose. They are smiling towards the one accompanying in the goose chase. I am living yet another fairy tale, but it’s just the other participant in the tale that actually matters. Some new dreams are there on the slate taking up the space vacated on it.

Again a little private address to the fellow participant in the fairy tale play. Sometimes, you find the perfect piece that fits in your puzzle. But rarer are the occasions when you feel like the perfect piece of someone else’s puzzle. Thank you just for existing on this planet and stop sticking out that tongue at me 🙂

To sum it all up, embrace this year and give it a parting farewell. This year, whatever it has done to you, will not come back. Yeah, there is no guarantee that the next year won’t be as cruel or as generous as the parting one. But we can at least try to coax it by giving it a splendid welcome, isn’t it! Come on, we are Indians. Flattery and bribery attempt karna to banta hai..


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