She wore her darkness,
As her cape,
Bringing Miss Moonshine to life,
In flesh.
And everything wrong around,
Fitted in.

“The Moonshine Curse”
She chuckled and twirled.
Her eyes deepen,
And the soul,
Then weighed a ton.

The clock enjoyed the nasty trick,
All colored the same.

You wish it was the one,
Which stood out,
and shimmered with all luster.

But was the one beaten down to it,
Failed attempts to assimilate all colors.

The cape brought her many gifts,
Crooked back,
Low shoulders
And dead eyes.

Entered a lone wolf,
Called in by the rays of moonlight.

Miss Moonshine showed naivety,
Mistook his shadow,
For a gleaming ray of light.

Closed her eyes,
Mustered all the droplets inside,
Left of moonlight.
To finally put off the cape
And enter into the bright starry night.

The wolf saw the err
Concealed his steps
And pounced.

The moonlight left spilled
The wolf was gone.
The cape was still on.

She still wears her darkness,
As her cape.
Bringing Miss Moonshine to life,
In flesh.
And fits everything wrong in herself.

“The Moonshine Curse.”
A hollow chuckle.
A dragged twirl.



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