V-DAY: To be or Not to be

Valentine’s day is around the corner once again. The marketing gimmick laid down by the modern-day cupids has already been started a week ahead of it. You have to go through the rigorous cycle of different days, dedicated to specifics. I mean, Rose day is the only day that can actually be defended if attempted, that it makes sense.

First of all, celebrating just one kind of love is in itself a mockery of love. Love in any form should be celebrated if you want to celebrate any festival as such in the first place. I don’t know if St. Valentine wanted everyone to celebrate love in just one dimension. Like, if someone would have asked him if they could celebrate the love they feel towards their family or friends on this day, he wouldn’t have plainly refused. I don’t think he was aware that in the later centuries we’ll have specific days to celebrate love towards our mother, father and friends. (Do we have a sibling’s day?)

It is safe to say that St. Valentine’s motive was to celebrate the love in its purest form, not just an element of it.

Coming back to the modern layout, the road to valentine day, these specific days are hilarious in themselves. If we take the modern idea of V-day into consideration, the love we celebrate has just two components-  the two people in love with each other. Now, keeping every other “day” away just for a second, “Teddy day” is the one that makes the least sense. Statistically, the majority of these couples celebrating V-day are a female and a male, and trust me that the number of males getting a teddy on a “Teddy day” is pretty scarce, because this day is designed for females. Hence, I think that there must be a female brain behind the idea of introducing this entire Valentine week concept.

Or a company who makes teddy bears, chocolates and other relevant gifts. Maybe a female CEO of such company! (Conspiracy theory)

Apart from the ruining of a genuinely warm idea of celebrating love by some corporate marketing strategy everyone succumbs too, there is another aspect to it which is even uglier, and limited to our great nation. The group of people against celebrating the festival of love. They are the people whom I have always kept as my Plan-C, in case I had to opt for a runaway wedding. Just walk publicly with the girl you want to marry on V-day and lo! You’ll be married to her before you even know it. Even family members won’t be able to say anything as you can push the blame on these really nice, socially helpful and responsible people. Yeah, there is a good chance that you’ll get beaten and your face will be blackened, but then it’s better to have a set of pissed off parents for the rest of your life (Saasu Maa and Sasur ji).

There is also this amazing community called “the Singles”. These bright and lively people look forward to this day the most, so that they can dread it. They prepare themselves with the curses they would dedicate to the couples on this auspicious occasion, along with the usage of social media to condemn it to hell. They sit at their home because the sun is too bright outside, stock their fridge with Chocochip Ice-cream and their laptops with Rom-Com movies, weaving dreams of being on the other side of the rope next V-Day.

I may or may not belong to this category.

On a sincere note, the idea of celebrating love on just one specific day is weird. If you are in love with someone, why would you wait for a specific day to express it when it exists 365 days around? (You can take an off in the leap year) You will love them even if it’s not 14th of February. You will give them gifts not because there is a specific day for it, but because you feel like doing it. A specific lineup shouldn’t tell you the order in which you ought to do things for your loved ones, specifically for hugs and kisses 😛

Valentine’s Day should exist, not for the people who are in love, but for those who are not accustomed to it, who have been deprived of it, who need it the most. It should be dedicated to make them feel the warmth of love, to give them hope. In this world, full of complexities, a simple gesture of love holds the power to solve the tangles in people’s heart. There is much more to this day and the intentions of St. Valentine. Sometimes, we need to read between the lines. Let’s try to introduce love this time, in a life which needs it. You’ll get to know how the purest form of it feels.

Cheers to love!


OK, I admit. After going through the rant above again and again, it does sound stupid. It’s not bad to express the love you feel. To have a day as a reminder for the little things which remain unspoken usually. To dedicate at least a day solely for the feeling which you usually are afraid to even admit. And it’s not even necessary to believe in this day itself. To each his/her own.

Frankly speaking, this day marks as a bookmark in the year, which just makes everyone aware in one way or the other of how important the presence of someone in your life is. The people bestowed  by it celebrate it, rest eat ice-cream being hopeful. I’ll try to be the third party this time who does’t even remember that such a day exists. Ignorance is bliss.. 🙂




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