Yup. The title of this.. article, is inspired (stolen) from a song in my all time favourite list, Talking To The Moon – Bruno Mars.



Why the sudden attachment with the moon you ask?

Nothing too special about it. Just that when I looked up towards the sky tonight, I was greeted by the Crescent Moon. And it suddenly stuck me. Crescent Moon seems much more beautiful than the Full Moon.

Now, before you either go “Duh! Obviously!” or “He’s definitely gone insane!” on me, let me make my case. For why I loved the Full Moon until tonight, and why I changed my mind upon having a closer look at the Crescent Moon.

Why I loved Full Moon-

Swear by God and say, that one random night when you find the enlarged heavenly sphere called Moon, with the yellowish tint, rising in the sky, you could possibly ignore it’s presence. Any other day, you have to seek it. Maybe even search it amidst the clouds throughout the sky. But no sir, not on a Full Moon day. You might debate whether it looks magnanimous (different preferences amongst yellowish hue or snow white texture), but it does capture your awe, interest and my admiration, always.

It’s embarrassing to admit, but when I was a kid, stuck neck deep in puppy love, the Full Moon always ended up being the substitute of the person subjected to that puppy love. Every time the Full Moon peeked through the window besides my bed, I wished it “Good Night”, hoping that somewhere the subjected person might be throwing a glance or two at it’s beauty too. And the wishes would indirectly be conveyed.

As I said, puppy love.

Full Moon has its own charm. The most complete form of the moon. Flaunting it’s scars in absolute glory. It always felt like it spoke to me, that the true beauty of a person reflects when the person acknowledges and embraces his imperfections. I always thought Full Moon when personified seems so brave, so gallant, knight-like. A presence you simply cannot ignore or dare ridicule.

Until I noticed Crescent Moon tonight, and wondered if that’s the case.

Why Crescent Moon now-

Crescent Moon is the Moon at its bare minimum visibility. Just before the Moon disappears, or just after it appears. It is not imposing like the Full Moon with a strong presence demanding your attention. Rather a soft presence in the sky which your eyes stumble upon completely unexpected, like finding a treasure. It makes Full Moon look like, not a knight bearing it’s scar bravely on its chest, but an arrogant presence wearing it’s imperfections like a garland. For the first time I thought Full Moon just boasts its size as if saying, “I am huuuuuuuuge!” (Imagine it in a certain American President’s voice) “I have imperfections, but who cares cause I am huuuuuuuge!”

Yeah, maybe Crescent Moon got an advantage just because it was able to let me see Full Moon under a whole new light (Other than the Sun’s. I meant the other Blondie).

But Crescent Moon in itself seems very pure, very fundamental. The cycle of Moon begins with it and ends at it. Like the circle of life maybe? Or simply because it reminded me of the striking similarity between it and the human life cycle, where the Infancy and Old Age are the two opposite ends, yet the same.

So, if Full Moon once inspired me to take pride in myself the way I am, taught me self-acceptance (before it’s image tainted), Crescent Moon reminded me of simplicity, modesty. The truth of life.

Maybe at the junction in my life where I am, sitting comfortably observing people around me, I resonate more with the impression Crescent Moon has left me with. Maybe that’s why my liking switched.

Or maybe, the Full Moon is too huuuuuuuuge!

Anyway, which one do you prefer?


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