Its hard for me to decipher the brains of a decisive man.
How do they come to conclusion?
How could they prepare and execute a plan?

My life is pretty different..
Consists of numerous maybes.
Free to choose anything, one can say
Not that simple as it seems.

It’s not keeping your options open
or dilly dallying as per say.
It’s the belief that anything can happen
which actually keeps practicality at bay.

Like maybe I should continue job for a year.
Maybe I should leave it today.
Maybe I should try my hands at freelancing.
Maybe being a writer is my calling,
What do you say?

Maybe the world around is dysfunctional.
Maybe common sense isn’t common at all these days.
Maybe the people around are too aware of their rights.
Maybe they need to be aware of their duties,
Instead of mindlessly jumping into the fray.

Maybe it’s essential to be a child deep inside.
Maybe the child needs to get buried someday.
Maybe there is a balance which is ought to be found.
Maybe it’s a hard choice,
There’s only one way.

Maybe my friends will be there for me, forever.
Maybe each friendship has to fade one day.
Maybe the friendship solidifies with the mutual fights.
Maybe silence marks as the footsteps,
The arrival of the friendship’s doomsday.

Maybe the foreign visits are a coincidence.
Maybe the Saturdays are just your regular old days.
Maybe it’s a planned visit to my abode, just a knock.
Maybe I’ll open the door,
And find her standing outside one day.

Maybe I should write something meaningful with a social message.
Maybe I should write my heart out today.
Maybe I should introduce the reality of life.
Maybe I will write everything on whim,
And dump it in a single pile of hay.

So you see some maybes that factor in my life.
A continuous tussle between what to keep and what to throw away.
It all boils down to the choices I make.
I am not a textbook planning and execution person,
But my heart chooses a maybe,
And I try to make it work anyway,




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