Words are not as simple as they seem. Their meaning is not always what appears to be. There is always an important variable which defines them. Context.

Hence, instead of defining myself with a word, which leaves me open to multiple interpretations and contexts, I would prefer to cement my definition in as much detail as possible.

Bottom line, instead of calling myself a feminist, I would rather declare myself to be a guy who believes that women have their unique place in this world which cannot be fathomed to be compared by the status of men. We are talking about comparisons between heaven and earth, which are both equally essential existence, yet incomparable in their uniqueness.

The only reason why the issue of gender equality is an issue because this world is considered to be a man’s world and man is the standard which has been set by us to be achieved. We are debating about the beauty of a yet to be bloomed rose and the flower of a mature cactus. Which even though could still be a matter of a debate for some, is actually illogical. Because the rose has not bloomed yet. Let it bloom at its glory and then it would be more of a fair comparison for the people who are so desperate for one. As long as two sides of a coin exist, the comparison cannot be avoided. Some will always choose heads and some will always choose tails. But should that create a conflict between heads and tails themselves? Should they be doubtful of their own place on the coin?

There will always be people around who will even question why women are roses and men are the cactus in the above example. Who will ignore to look why the comparison was made based on specific qualities of both plants, but generalise the entire idea into something more materialistic.

The stage of the cactus at which we males stand, should not push women to see us as the benchmark or the standardisation as far as potential is concerned. Why are they being forced to limit their wings just to come at par with us males? This world today is a male dominated society. Shouldn’t it be the responsibility of us males to nurture their (women’s) potential for the future? Why are we so afraid of our yin?

The only reason I could think of is fear. Fear of being left behind, or being stepped upon as we have been doing with them till now. Are we so weak? Can’t we evolve further?

I feel that humanity today is standing at a bottleneck of evolution. Because the only competition humans have is humans themselves. The key to the next step lies in the progress of the women, which would also push men to break out of their ancient shells, giving birth to mutual evolution and growth.

So, I might have a bit of a selfish reason to wish for women to reach the heights of their capabilities.

Hence, I am not a feminist by your definitions. I am myself, defined as above.


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