What is your ultimate goal in life?

No, that sounds too dramatic. Let me try again.

What do you want in life?

Do not limit yourself to just one answer. Because if you do, you would be lying to yourself. We all want a lot from life. We demand a lot from life. What life gives back, is enough to label it choosy and miser. But hey! that is life for you.

What I want from life? As always, it sounds pretty simple, yet is quite complicated at times.

I want to look back, smile and move forward.

And the only thing I could muster is looking back and smile.

I do not move forward. Many of us find themselves unable to do so. But is it wrong? If it was quite easy for a person to let go of their emotions, be it negative or positive, longing or loathing, they could only be put in one of the either of the following classifications.

Either the person has transcended above normal human capabilities. It is not impossible and is appreciatable.

Or the person had hollow emotions. I do not think it needs further comment.

So, it is fine to feel your feet stuck in the sands of time. It is fine to find yourself unable to move at all, watching everyone moving around you and walking past you. Because even if you are unable to notice it now, you will realise it later. You too are moving. The sands of time have a pace of their own. They are never stationary. It does not matter whether you want to move or just stay in the moment. Because the moment is going to pass, just in a moment.

Having established that, I could easily conclude that, even if I am unable to do so, i.e. move forward, life does it for me anyhow. Life does it for all of us. We just have to stop running back.

To the people who try running back, just try to understand the naivety, which when done repeatedly turns into borderline stupidity. You run back to things, people, thinking you will find them there. Where? Did you forget? They will be on the move too. Even they cannot stay where you left them even if they intended to. Sands of time drags everyone out of their apparently fixed positions in a constant manner.

When we all are on the move, the only way we have a chance of crossing paths is while moving forward. Ironical.

So even though I acknowledge my inability to move forward, I also believe in the little strides the sands are making me take continuously, shaping way for me, irrespective of my liking or want. I know better than being a stagnant pond and will try to shape the way as per to my liking. But let me also make my intentions very clear to the sands of time itself. When the paths shall be crossed again, which they will, I will remember to smile back.

What else do you want from life? Let us discuss it.


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