BUDDHI – A moniker I was graciously awarded by a close friend of mine, which is the shortened form of the Hindi word – Buddhijeevi, translated as ‘intellectual’ in the English language.

Though this name was more of a remark and a label at my personality with a hint of sarcasm, and would be debatable if taken in literal sense, along time I have come to embrace it.

That would probably give you an insight about me. An individual, lost deep in the sea filled with creatures of the world, in search of a neutral perception, the ideal perception. This blog is an extension of myself; tiny bits and pieces of me in an attempt to collect and keep them together.

You would find the writings in this blog to be heavily influenced by certain emotions, events and observations. The reason behind would be that, as a writer, I find some incidents and events in our day today life so common, that we see them as a part of our routine. We never even realize how huge their impact has been on us in totality. This holds a strong belief in me, that the stories spun out of these occurrences bring people closer, as at some level, a common connection is visible among people in the world who otherwise may seem poles apart from each other.

Each entry in this blog has a specific category it belongs to – Diary, Poetry, Snapshot, Snippets and Tiny Tales.

DIARY: Personal experiences or rantings of the soul, without any veil covering the bare heart.

POETRY: Offspring of the fusion between the inception of the beliefs and an urge for rhythm.

SNAPSHOT: Portrayal of the imagination infused with reality in the wrapping of short stories.

SNIPPET: Result of the random, bizarre but thoughtful  brainstorming sessions revolving around the word ‘perception’.

TINY TALES: Mere floating ideas, results of instantaneous abrupt notions.

You might or might not agree with the content of the entries, but I’ll be willingly waiting to hear your opinions regarding them.